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LOVE YOU - Fr. Rob Galea

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This is a song about falling in love with Jesus again. Words and music by Fr Rob Galea and Luke Batterbury.

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Filmed and edited by Jeff Sheppard
Directed by Josh Alegre at Alegre Visuals
Lighting and Setup by Hugh Drum at HD Productions

Guitars: Jason Guiliani
Pianos: Luke Batterbury
Backing Vocals: Luke Batterbury and Fr. Rob Galea
Keys: Alyssa Agius
Drums: Zeb Fernandes


Love You
Copyright Fr Rob Galea and Luke Batterbury 2021

Capture every part of my heart
Come in and light up my soul
I want to fall in love again 

In my brokenness
I can hear your voice
I will run to you again 

I wanna love, love you 
I wanna love, love you

There is no greater love
No greater peace
Than spending time with you

I’m sorry for turning away
I want to live for you today 
There’s nothing I want more than this 

I wanna love, love you 
I wanna love, love you

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