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Dominoes - Fr. Rob Galea feat. Ira Losco

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Song written by Fr Rob Galea/Gary Pinto/Natasha Pinto/Cliff Raux/Ira Losco
Director of Photography: Matthew Muscat Drago, Malta and Hebron Film, Australia
Video Editing: Matthew Muscat Drago

Social Media: @FrRobGalea

ABOUT THE SONG: Dominoes is about humanity’s need for Love. Love is patient, kind and Love reaches out to us in our brokenness. We are all broken. You and I and everyone else. When our brokenness comes together in charity and is surrendered to Love, there is made a work of art. (God = Love)


Copyright Fr Rob Galea 2017

Was a cold, cold night
In the shadows
Picking up the pieces
Of a broken heart she's
Tryin' find a way back to the light

This is not how she imagined
One decision changed-the-direction
Tryin' to find a way to make it right

And There's a million people with a broken heart
And Everyone looking for change
O A billion pieces make a work of art
When we surrender to Love

In a room full, of many people
He's Surrounded, and he's so alone
No one would ever know

Though he's smiling
He is hiding
All the pain and hurt inside of him
His fire dies a little everyday

We all fall, every single one by one
Just like we're dominoes, dominoes
We all fall , wonder half to find our whole
Then we fight them all, fight them all

We surrender unto the love
We surrender, love

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